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Every Detail. Every Project. Every Time. We Can Do That.

A designed kitchen with wooden floor

Bring us your ideas and your vision, and together, we'll create a space reflecting your family and your lifestyle. Family owned for three generations, with over thirty years of experience our staff treats you like family, guaranteeing that every detail works together to ensure your design and renovation experience is positive and worry-free.

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About Sams Electric

Servicing the greater Saskatoon community for over thirty years, Sam's Electric -Home Renovations and repair is a comprehensive local provider of exquisite residential, flawless new constructions, and seamless additions.

We service out of Saskatoon as well. Traveling is not an issue with us, we go everywhere. Including Martensville, Warman and other surrounding towns. We also provide our services to lakes, repairing cabins and cottages. Including, Blaine Lake, Shell Lake, Echo Bay, and other surrounding lakes.

Your new construction or remodel is right around the corner 

call Sam's Electric -Home Renovations and repair at 306-220-4711.

Whatever it may be, a house, cabin, farm.
We'll make your dream space a reality.

  • Electrical Renovations and Installations
    Renovations When it comes to the home, there's no job that Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs can't do. We've helped countless homeowners just like you that need everything from small outlet repairs to complete electrical system upgrades for older homes. Whatever you need, we'll provide a flawless solution built to last for many years to come. Any time we visit your home, we'll take care to make sure you understand every step of the work we're doing, whether it's a ceiling fan installation, wiring up a new home cinema, or adding home automation features. This service-oriented approach combined with transparent and affordable prices is the hallmark of any Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs job. In addition to home electrical installations, our electricians are also able to diagnose and repair residential problems, such as broken outlets, excessive energy consumption, and flicking lights. For all repairs, we'll address the underlying issue for a complete solution instead of an electrical path job that will need further fixes down the road. When you choose Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs, you're choosing Saskatoon's finest electrician. Call (306) 384-2438 to discuss your home's needs. Installations If you've noticed common problems like power surges, repeatedly tripped breakers, or higher than average electricity bills, there's a good chance that you property needs a professional electrical inspection. Affordable and detail-oriented Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs can provide thorough inspections to discover even the most minuscule issues that could be causing electrical problems. While much of our inspection and troubleshooting work involved finding a solution for redundant wiring or overloaded circuits Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs is also available for routine inspections related to commercial safety, home maintenance, and property sales. A clean bill of health from an independent electrician ensures that your property's safety and value are always kept at their utmost potential. Local businesses are often required to have electrical inspections on a regular basis by a third party. We currently provide this service to many companies in the area and can assist your property stay in compliance with electrical regulations at all times. With our help, you can be sure that there will be no problems next time the authorities come to your location. For qualified electrical inspection from Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs, call (306) 384-2438 and schedule a visit to your property today.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets and Counter Tops
    While many people may be content to buy off the shelf cabinetry and counter tops from the local hardware store, Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs offers far more flexibility and customizable options, guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. Our staff understands the fine balance between functionality and aesthetics. Blending your vision with the quality craftsmanship and seamless design it deserves, delivering a unique look to your kitchen and bathroom. Our goal is to make your dream kitchen and bathroom a reality. From a sleek modern design with push latch glass cabinets with a contrasting dark marble counter tops. To a more rustic feel, with ceder cabinets and matching counter tops, parried with the perfect hardware of your choosing. With so many options and variations our customers easily design their perfect and unique kitchens and bathrooms in minutes. At Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs, we value our reputation for quality cabinets and counter tops and of course, our many happy customers. You might think that custom cabinetry and counter tops would cost a small fortune, but many of our clients are pleasantly surprised by our reasonable prices. However, the value is through the roof. Your unique kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counter tops by Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs may not have cost a million dollars, but they'll certainly look that way. For cabinets and counter tops that stand out from the crowd, call Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs at (306) 384-2438 and schedule a free design visit.
  • Fence and Deck Repairs
    Over time, even the most expertly-constructed decks and fences will start to have issues. With exposure to the elements, your deck and fence will need the experienced hands and tools of Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs for a professional deck and fence repair. Our staff is capable of replacing boards, color matching, and many other repair services to return your deck or fence to its prior condition. Deck and fence repairs can often be more complicated than they look, but Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs has dealt with nearly every possible deck or fence repair situation and knows how best to treat almost any problem. In addition to making the fix, we'll also try to determine what caused the issue and how to prevent your deck or fence from developing a similar situation. On any deck or fence repair job, we'll also include an inspection to see what can be done to increase the life of your deck and fence, such as applying sealant or identifying problematic boards and replacing them before they become broken. With years under our belt as Saskatoon's primary deck and fence repairmen, Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs is happy to be at your service. Call Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs at (306) 384-2438 for your repairs that will stand the test of time.
  • Plumbing
    If you've had to fix a complicated plumbing issue, then you probably know how difficult it can be to find a company that can handle your job. At Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs, we're well known for providing an array of plumbing services to our customers. No matter your problem our team will find the right solution for what your property needs at a competitive price and with a full commitment to service and satisfaction. Part of what has made us different from other plumbers is not only our expertise but also the way we treat our customers. We know that it's never pleasant to call a plumber for a repair, but having a local service provider that genuinely cares about delivering a perfect fix and will treat your property with respect makes all the difference. Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs is available for all plumbing jobs, call (306) 384-2438 to learn more about how our top notch team can help.
  • New Home Builds, Basement Renovations and Bathroom Renovations, Upgrades and Repairs"
    New Home Builds, Basement Renovation When you're building from the ground up, you want to know that your house is in good hands. Experienced and local Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs has built many homes in the greater Saskatoon area. When your new home is just foundation and framing, coordinating between different contractors may be stressful at times. But with Sams Electric – Home Renovation and Repair, there's no need to coordinated with different companies, because we can do it all. From electrical wiring, to the installation of new cabinets and counter tops, backslash and new plumbing. We handle everything, eliminating the stressfulness of scheduling. As well as complete home builds, we provide extensive remodelling, renovations, upgrades and repairs to existing or new basements. No matter if you want just your bathroom upgrades or a complete demolition with new framing and layout. With Sams Electric – Home Renovation and Repair our goal is to make your dream space a reality. We don't cut corners or compromise on the standards for your home and you can rest assured that only strong and durable materials will be used during the construction. Every detail matters and we'll work hard to show you why so many have chosen us for their new home. Providing so many customizable features it guarantees to make your home one of a kind. Regardless of whether you're building a cozy cottage or a sprawling mansion, you'll be able to see the top shelf quality that Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs delivers. Bathroom Renovations In many homes, the bathroom is often the room most in need of a renovation, but the last to be done. However, the difference that a bathroom remodel can make is huge and you certainly won't regret the decision. Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs is here to help with a professional design-build bathroom remodel that addresses every detail of the room. For any bathroom remodel, a Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs specialist will visit your home to not only see the room, but also to hear what problems you're looking to solve with the renovation. Better showers, toilets, and sinks are common concerns, but we'll also look for other ways to provide big improvements, such as bathroom lighting and organizing fixtures to maximize the usable space. We understand that completing a bathroom remodel can be a trying time. For that reason, our team of experts will work around your schedule to make as little an imposition as possible. While on the job, we'll work effectively to ensure that the bathroom renovation goes quickly without sacrificing quality and get your bathroom back to full functionality. Contact Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repairs at (306) 384-2438 to see how we can turn your dream home into a reality.
  • Cabin, Cottages and Farm Services"
    Have a cabin or cottage that needs a kitchen renovation? Or perhaps a barn that needs new lighting? Here at Sams Electric – Home Renovations and Repair, we provide all of our services to cabins, cottages, farms, and of course barns. We understand that living outside of the city means that sometimes its difficult to find an electrician or other contractor to agree to make the time and distance to come to you. But with us, we make the time. Having a cabin ourselves, we understand that our cabins and cottages become a home away from home. One that deserves every service and option that we give our local customers. Give us a call at 306-384-2438 and you'll see that with us no job is too big or too small.

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Sam's Electric Home Renovations and repair provides quality remodel and construction services.

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